5 Things: Chocolate Glitter Ambition Edition

Happy Friday and Happy April! Hope you all had a great week like a North Carolina dad who received a new kidney and gained a friend in the process. What an act of selflessness!

Well, even if selflessness was difficult to find this week, you’ve made it to Friday, my friends! And you know that means that it’s time to grab a glass of vegetable juice and check out another “5 Things.” Enjoy!

The estate of J.R.R. Tolkien recently released his collection of maps! I’m always in awe of how talented that man was. Creating languages, painting maps… Holy moly!

In a world where celebrities guess ‘Is it Cake?,’ one cannot be surprised that a chocolatier could create a very fancy Twix in the shape of a radio. Definitely a talented fellow. And patient! Yours truly would be more likely to eat it all halfway through.

Journalist Amil Niazi wrote a great piece for The Cut about post-pandemic ambition. More specifically, the lack thereof. Given that the pandemic has changed us all so drastically, including what we value, it’s not surprising.

This week I learned a new word: coruscation (n) a glitter, sparkle, or flash of wit. Great word, no? Admittedly, I’ve only seen it used in scientific journals so far. But I’m determined to work it into a conversation or article soon!

And, test your knowledge of Seinfeld trivia with this quiz! I didn’t do very well but that just means I need to watch the series and try again. Right?

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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