Interview with Aisha Urooj, Author of ‘The Nine Muses’

The Nine Muses have lost their powers…

Packed with fun and a good dose of mystery, The Nine Muses drops Greek goddesses into the mortal world. Even worse, into a moral high school!

Zeus’ daughters The Muses can no longer dance, sing, or create art. His solution? To send them to a mortal high school to spark their inspiration once more.

Teenagers with magical powers are an interesting addition to a high school with the typical cute guys and arch-nemeses. And a father who can spy on dates by turning into a cloud…

That is until The Muses begin to disappear!

Now to Aisha:

Jenn: How did the idea for The Nine Muses come about?

Aisha: I was having writer’s block and it was very frustrating. I mumbled to myself about my muses not cooperating… then like magic, a question popped into my mind: What if the Muses lost their talents? I laughed at that thought at first, but then that same question became the premise of the story.

J: Zeus, especially, was so much fun in the book. What was it like creating personalities for these characters?

A: I read any details I could find about the Muses. There are nine and each corresponded to a talent, so I based their personalities accordingly, for e.g. Calliope is usually seen as the ringleader, so I imagined her as feisty. Erato is the muse of love poetry, so I imagined her as a hopeless romantic. (I am glad you loved Zeus. He is a strict but loving dad to the Muses and an endearing character to write).

J: What sparked your interest in Greek Mythology and Fairy Tales as your subjects for writing?

A: I was inspired by reading classic fairy tales and watching all the Disney films.

J: How did you decide to become an independent author?

A: I don’t know what made me decide to become an independent author. I started writing a story, bit by bit, which became my debut novel. I know that I have always been a reader and I love classic books. I guess it felt like a natural step for me.

J: What advice would you have for others considering the independent route as well?

A: Write your story…. then get even better at it. Always aim to improve your craft. Do it for yourself and your future readers. (I aspire to do the same.)

J: What are you working on now?

A: I am working on two big projects right now: The third and final book of my Contemporary series. Also, a fairy tale retelling of The Snow Queen.

J: What are you reading now?

A: Since it is Indie April, I am specifically reading Indie authors to support my fellow writers. I just finished a sweet romance ‘What are friends for?’ by Sarah Sutton.

Okay, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to follow Aisha’s blog and pick up (or download) a copy of The Nine Muses. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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