Advent 2021: Day 5

Good morning and Happy Lord’s Day! In writing this “calendar,” I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing. Namely, our family breakfasts after church on Sunday mornings when I was a kid. Often, this included dear friends who became more like a part of the family. We didn’t have grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins nearby soContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 5”

Advent 2021: Day 4

Good morning and Happy Saturday! Do you remember Saturdays as a kid? Maybe you had a special breakfast with your family or watched cartoons in your pajamas. Maybe you were one of the kids being ferried about to sports and errands. As a young child, Saturday mornings were a chance to unwind from the week.Continue reading “Advent 2021: Day 4”

Advent 2021: Day 1

Good morning! Can you believe that December is here? In contrast to 2020, it just feels like 2021 flew by. Holy moly! Well, the “Advent Calendar” tradition continues! This year, it seemed more important than ever to spend this month meditating on the blessings in life. I hope that you’ll join me on the journeyContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 1”