30 Christmas Films: Day 30

Title: The Nutcracker (1993) Synopsis: Strange things can happen when you fall asleep beneath the Christmas tree. Or so Clara learns when she and her beloved nutcracker doll turned prince face some rat foes and journey together to the Land of Sweets. Why You Should Watch: I can remember being incredibly excited when this particular filmContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 30”

30 Christmas Films: Day 29

Title: Gremlins (1984) Synopsis: A well-meant Christmas gift goes horribly awry. Why should you heed the warnings about caring for this furry thing? Because a bunch of rather alarming creatures with pointy ears will take over the town! Why You Should Watch: Full disclosure: This film gave me nightmares as a kid but it is oneContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 29”

30 Christmas Films: Day 28

Title: The Christmas Switch (2016) Synopsis: Eddie is a shyster who will do anything for a quick buck. Sam is an elderly gentleman who is prevented from playing his beloved part as Santa Claus due to his failing health. When Eddie makes the deal of a lifetime with a mysterious stranger, the details of theContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 28”

30 Christmas Films: Day 27

Title: Die Hard (1988) Synopsis: John McClane (Bruce Willis) is forced to take drastic measures when his wife and others are taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas Eve party in a high rise office building. Glass shattering and quotable film script lines ensue. Why You Should Watch: Babbo and I have had theContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 27”

30 Christmas Films: Day 26

Title: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) Synopsis: The Peanuts gang is celebrating Christmas with a pageant that isn\’t quite going as planned. (Dance break.) Why You Should Watch: A Charlie Brown Christmas is a must-see. The Peanuts are adorable as usual not to mention that there are a bunch of pop culture references inspired by thisContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 26”

30 Christmas Films: Day 25

Title: It\’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Synopsis: George Bailey (James Steward) is having a tough time as his business threatens to buckle. After George wishes that he had never been born (and consequently attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge into an icy river), an angel named Clarence comes to bring that wishContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 25”

30 Christmas Films: Day 24

Title: Christmas Inheritance (2017 – Only available on Netflix) Synopsis: Ellen Langford is a New York socialite (the likes of Paris Hilton) who makes a regular appearance in the local media for scandalous behavior and her fiance Gray is no better. Just before Christmas, she is tasked by her father to head to the townContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 24”

30 Christmas Films: Day 23

Title: Midnight Clear (2006) Synopsis: Five strangers struggling with joblessness, loneliness, hopelessness, and depression cross paths in ways that will change each others\’ lives forever. Why You Should Watch: This isn\’t the usual, corny Christmas fare but entirely worth a viewing (even if only the one time). The film is surprisingly well-crafted with a decentContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 23”

30 Christmas Films: Day 22

Title: Small Town Santa (2014) Synopsis: A small town sheriff  (Dean Cain) arrests an intruder in his own home on Christmas Eve. This intruder seems to believe he\’s Santa Claus. Why You Should Watch: Dean Cain is a good reason to watch with the Easter egg-ish sticker on his computer that reads \”Real Heroes Don\’tContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 22”

30 Christmas Films: Day 21

Title: The Santa Clause (1994) Synopsis: What happens when your divorced dad startles Santa Claus so that he falls off the roof? \”The Santa Clause\” requires that he take Santa\’s place! Prepare for a crash course in Santa-ing. Why You Should Watch: The Santa Clause is a goofball\’s dream with Tim Allen\’s brand of comedy:Continue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 21”