30 Christmas Films: Day 20

Title: Home Alone (1990) Synopsis: The McCallister family is travelling for the holidays but they\’ve forgotten one, important thing: their son Kevin! Left to his own devices Kevin seems to enjoy his alone time until two burglars intrude. Why You Should Watch: If for nothing else, watch Home Alone for the fact that cultural referencesContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 20”

30 Christmas Films: Day 19

Title: Beyond Christmas (1940) Synopsis: Three wealthy, elderly gentlemen have a last minute cancellation at their Christmas Eve dinner. They decide to throw their wallets out into the street and invite the honest souls who return the wallets to dinner. Two of the three are returned by a cowboy and a teacher who agree toContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 19”

30 Christmas Films: Day 18

Title: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) Synopsis: When you\’re a Grinch (with a heart two sizes too small) you don\’t take kindly to anyone joyfully celebrating Christmas. What do you do? Swipe all the Christmas trimmings and trappings! That will stop  Why You Should Watch: I\’m sure Jim Carrey\’s version is fine but theContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 18”

30 Christmas Films: Day 17

Title: A Christmas Kiss II (2015) Synopsis: Jenna is an aspiring clothing designer who works as the assistant of a fashion magazine editor Mia. Just before Christmas, Mia’s playboy brother Cooper returns to town shaking up their symbiotic working relationship. And, of course, when Jenna is stuck in an elevator with Cooper, sparks fly. WhyContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 17”

30 Christmas Films: Day 16

Title:  A Christmas Kiss (2012) Synopsis: Wendy works as assistant to a very demanding interior designer who has her going at all hours. When Wendy finds herself stuck in an elevator with a handsome stranger, things start to look up. (Because, obviously, when you\’re stuck in an elevator with someone attractive, you have to kissContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 16”

30 Christmas Films: Day 15

Title: Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Synopsis: What happens when the Macy\’s department store Santa claims to be the real Kris Kringle? He\’s going to have to prove his case in court and touch the heart of an unbelieving young girl in the process.  Why You Should Watch: This is a Christmas class. I don\’t haveContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 15”

30 Christmas Films: Day 14

Title: Elf (2003) Synopsis: Buddy (Will Ferrell) is a human boy raised by elves at the North Pole. When it becomes apparent that he doesn\’t quite fit in, Buddy heads to New York City to find his real father (James Caan) and faces some interesting dilemmas in the real world. Why You Should Watch: ThisContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 14”

30 Christmas Films: Day 13

Title: Christmas in the Smokies (2015) Synopsis: Shelby is on a mission to save her family\’s berry farm from foreclosure during the Christmas season. Extra problems arise when her former flame-turned Country Music Star-turns up unexpectedly, Why You Should Watch: Christmas in the Smokies is another family friendly choice. A positive, uplifting story set in an adorableContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 13”

30 Christmas Films: Day 12

Title: How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015) Synopsis: Sarah is struck by a bus while trying to save a homeless man\’s dog. But when she gets to Heaven she learns her work on Earth is not yet done. Sarah is sent back to help her ex-boyfriend get his life together a la A Christmas Carol (she\’s aContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 12”

30 Christmas Films: Day 11

Title: A Christmas Star (2016) Synopsis: Noelle was born on Christmas (in a stable no less!) and has a suspicion that she can perform miracles. When the factory that employs her father-and most of the town-is in jeopardy, she has a chance to prove exactly what she\’s capable of accomplishing. Why You Should Watch: ThisContinue reading “30 Christmas Films: Day 11”