5 Things: Introverted Edition

Happy Friday! Hope your week was eventful in all the right ways! Here\’s what I found interesting this week:1) 23 Signs You\’re Secretly An Introvert – This is a great article because it reminds us that being an introvert isn\’t a negative thing. We just balance out the extroverts. Could you imagine if everyone wasContinue reading “5 Things: Introverted Edition”

5 Things: Survival Music Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week and/or a decent first few days of school! This week\’s Five Things are some of the songs that got me through this busy week. Hope you enjoy! 1) \”Lost and Found\” by Katie Herzig – The arrangement on this one is just really pretty. Listening carefully theContinue reading “5 Things: Survival Music Edition”

5 Things: I Hate You Then I Love You Edition

Happy Friday! We have had storm madness (a lot of damage) as the result of \”Monsoon Season\” so I hope none of you are dealing with the same. This week\’s Five Things is an interesting collection headed by a song I enjoyed when I was younger. Hope you like them! 1) \”I Hate You ThenContinue reading “5 Things: I Hate You Then I Love You Edition”

5 Things: Fab Nails And Chocolate Edition

Happy Friday! We made it! Now it\’s time to make some fun weekend plans and check out this week\’s Five Things. Enjoy! 1) A Tango to remember – Every week in the summer I watch So You Think You Can Dance because I write about it here. Well, this week\’s tango was very memorable andContinue reading “5 Things: Fab Nails And Chocolate Edition”

5 Things: Non-Royal Edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully everyone had a good week despite being inundated with royal baby news at every turn. Don\’t get me wrong, all babies are special but there were a lot of other interesting things to check out, too, like Jane Austen on Britain\’s 10-pound note. So take a look at the non-royal \”Five Things\”Continue reading “5 Things: Non-Royal Edition”

5 Things: 3 M&M\’s and Some Ballet Edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully you all have had a good week and enjoyed some reprieve from the heat. This week\’s \”Five Things\” is a lot of fun in my view so I hope you enjoy them as well. Here we go… 1) Korea National Ballet Levi\’s Commercial¬†– I have been raving about this one all weekContinue reading “5 Things: 3 M&M\’s and Some Ballet Edition”

5 Things: Austen-esque Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good (or mostly good) week with some fun weekend plans to make up for the daily grind. This week just turned out to be Jane Austen themed which was totally unintentional but a very pleasant week. Enjoy this week\’s Five Things: Photo: David Parry AP 1) Mr. Darcy inContinue reading “5 Things: Austen-esque Edition”

5 Things: Slow Me Down Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone in the USA had a great Independence Day! 1) \”Slow Me Down\” – Okay, I had no idea that Emmy Rossum had her own \”pop\” album until more recently. \”Slow Me Down\” seems like the best track in the collection. What do you think? 2) 3-year-old Artist – This little girlContinue reading “5 Things: Slow Me Down Edition”

5 Things: Heat Wave Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a nice week despite sweltering heat that seems to be the trend this year. Did you see that even Alaska is having a heatwave? Wild! Well, anyway, without further ado, this is Five Things: 1) Woman Hikes Mt. Rainier… in a ballgown – Beautiful photos but I am just notContinue reading “5 Things: Heat Wave Edition”