5 Things: Feeling Girlie Edition

Hello and Happy Friday! This week I was extra spacey (think it\’s the allergy meds but not sure) thinking Tuesday was Wednesday and so forth. Also thinking (and doing) a bunch of things that really ought to have required more thought before they were initiated. Oh, well, the weekend is here and, fortunately, this week\’sContinue reading “5 Things: Feeling Girlie Edition”

5 Things: Feeling Musical Edition

Happy Friday, All! Can you believe it\’s May already? I really can\’t! It\’s exactly as my parents and grandparents warned: Time flies the older you get. Anyway! I was really enjoying Spotify this week discovering new and old tunes so here are the top five tracks I have been enjoying… hope you enjoy them, too!Continue reading “5 Things: Feeling Musical Edition”

5 Things: Dance Week Edition

Happy National Dance Week! This week\’s Five Things are all some of my favorite dance stories, events and blogs of 2013 so far. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! 1) Diablo Ballet\’s Web Ballet: \”Flight of the Dodo\” is the first ballet of its kind. Made with input from fans around the worldContinue reading “5 Things: Dance Week Edition”

5 Things: Beantown Edition

\”Boston\’s Waterfront\” photo by MEJones In light of the terrible happening in beautiful Boston, this week\’s Five Things is a tribute to Beantown. Please keep the families of the victims and those struggling with witnessing the carnage in your prayers this weekend. 1) The Freedom Trail – 16 historical sites along the red brick pathContinue reading “5 Things: Beantown Edition”

5 Things: Taxes Filed Edition

Hello and Happy Friday, friends! Hope everyone has been having a good week (now that the pollen levels have dropped a bit) and have already filed your taxes. Can you believe Monday is April 15th already? Wow! Well, here\’s what I found interesting this week: 1) Call the Midwife -Thanks to allergies (and subsequent sinusContinue reading “5 Things: Taxes Filed Edition”

5 Things: No Pranks Edition

Hello, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful week having survived some crazy April Fools\’ Day pranks. Check out what I found interesting this week (no pranks, I promise): 1) Mike Piazza to perform with Miami City Ballet – Just thought this was interesting and got a good laugh out of the fact that theyContinue reading “5 Things: No Pranks Edition”

5 Things: Almost Easter Edition

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter! (And a belated Happy Passover to my Jewish friends!) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned with family and friends. Here are five things I hope you enjoy: 1) Ombre Nails – Okay, I am absolutely hooked on this new nail trend. Ever since my sister and I discoveredContinue reading “5 Things: Almost Easter Edition”

5 Things: Almost Late Edition

Hello and Happy Friday! For whatever reason Friday actually snuck up on me this week… that almost never happens. So, here it goes: 1) Huffington Post Image Blog – This is a truly cool idea. The blog features works of art (sometimes even in process) of an eclectic group of artists. The fun part isContinue reading “5 Things: Almost Late Edition”

5 Things: Spring Break Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you folks who were lucky enough to have a Spring Break this week really enjoyed your time off. Well, here are the things I found interesting this week. Enjoy! 1) RIP Princess Lilian: Sweden\’s Princess Lilian passed away this week at the age of 97. I had heard the name but hadContinue reading “5 Things: Spring Break Edition”