Advent 2021: Day 25

Good morning and a very Merry Christmas! Many thanks to you all for celebrating blessings with me this Advent. May you all have many more blessings to celebrate today and in the coming year. Today I am exceedingly grateful for the gift of a Savior! What are you thankful for today? A very blessed ChristmasContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 25”

5 Things: Happy 2021!

  Happy Friday! Hopefully, you all had a wonderful set of holidays and are easing into the new year with the promise of new beginnings. As I write this, 2021 is off to a bit of a rocky start (first major understatement of the decade). I am prayerful, though, that we can all come togetherContinue reading “5 Things: Happy 2021!”

5 Things: Cabin Fever Edition Week 4

Happy Friday, a blessed Good Friday (Happy Easter!) to you and Chag Sameach! Hope you all had a great week and managed to stay healthy. May you have all the ingredients you need for a nice Easter lunch and enough to keep you busy. It\’s been a few weeks, huh? With all this craziness, IContinue reading “5 Things: Cabin Fever Edition Week 4”

Advent Calendar 2017: Day 6

Good morning and happy St. Nicholas Day! Growing up my school would have us leave one of our shoes in the hallway on December 6th so that \”St. Nicholas\” could stop by and leave us some treats. It is funny to see that I remember the treats much less than the inconvenience of a cold footContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2017: Day 6”