5 Things: Sweet ballet edition

Happy Friday! Whew! Hope you all had a great week. Maybe some chocolate treats from the sweethearts in your life? Well, even if you didn\’t get something sweet, here are some delicious things to get you through your Friday. Enjoy! 1) This Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class is absolutely delightful. I LOVE this idea and know veryContinue reading “5 Things: Sweet ballet edition”

5 Things: Accounting for dancers edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and maybe (just maybe) managed to avoid politics for at least one day. (Wouldn\’t that be a treat?) Well, even if you couldn\’t indulge in that sort of a luxury, maybe you can indulge in this week\’s \”5 Things\” to escape for a bit. Enjoy! 1)Continue reading “5 Things: Accounting for dancers edition”

New dance podcast launching!

I don\’t know about you but I love a good podcast. The only downside is that there aren\’t that many arts (specifically dance!) podcasts that are consistent and great commentaries on the dance world. The Royal Opera House podcasts are great but not nearly numerous enough for my liking! Now enters Conversations on Dance fromContinue reading “New dance podcast launching!”

5 Things: Chocolate translation edition

Happy Friday! We made it through the first full week since Memorial Day. That\’s got to count for something, right? I don\’t know about you but I need another three-day weekend… or seven. Well, at least it\’s Friday. Check out what I found this week: 1) Have you seen the SNL \”Mom Translator\” sketch? MaybeContinue reading “5 Things: Chocolate translation edition”

5 Things: Walk 10,000 steps in your ballet shoes edition

Happy Friday! Looks like we made it. (Cue the Barry Manilow song.) Well, it\’s almost the end of February and we\’ve seen 70-degree weather in the Duke City and then (just when I was getting used to the warm weather) followed it with snow. It\’s been a funny week.  But the weekend is here toContinue reading “5 Things: Walk 10,000 steps in your ballet shoes edition”

5 Things: Presidential valentine edition

Happy Friday! Who else is excited that it\’s both Valentine\’s Day this weekend and a long weekend thanks to President\’s Day? Woohoo! Yours truly has been looking forward to a long weekend since January (the gap between New Year\’s Day and President\’s Day is too far!).  We should celebrate with another \”5 Things.\” What doContinue reading “5 Things: Presidential valentine edition”

5 Things: More podcasts and ballet edition

Happy Friday! It\’s the first week of 2016 and Albuquerque has seen some insane weather. Sometimes rainy, snowy, and even a little bit warmer than usual. Crazy! I hope you all are dealing with milder, less dramatic weather where you are. But if it is too cold to go out (or even if it isn\’t),Continue reading “5 Things: More podcasts and ballet edition”

5 Things: \’Twas the weekend before Christmas edition

Happy Friday! \’Tis the weekend before Christmas and everyone is a little harried. Dashing from store to store, what packages they carried! See, all the stress this Christmas brings? So, why not take a few moments to sit and enjoy this week\’s \”5 Things?\”  You (probably) won\’t regret taking a little breather. Check it out: Continue reading “5 Things: \’Twas the weekend before Christmas edition”