5 Things: Christmas Party Edition

This week was spent getting ready for not one but three Christmas parties (thankfully, only one at my house!)¬†and so I found a few fun/yummy things to make them more enjoyable. 1) \”Contrived Conversation\” – This is actually a hilarious game. As the host(ess) you come up with a bunch of bizarre phrases (I usedContinue reading “5 Things: Christmas Party Edition”

5 Things: Let us have chocolate

Another week, another \”Five Things!\” Here\’s what I enjoyed this week: 1) HollywoodHousewife.com – Another favorite blog and, no, Laura doesn\’t remotely resemble one of the cast members from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her content is more along the lines of mommy \”musings,\” reviews and an engaging writing style which keep me coming backContinue reading “5 Things: Let us have chocolate”