Advent 2021: Day 15

Good morning! If you’ve ever been to the southwest, you’ve probably seen one of the spectacular sunsets. It definitely helps that we have many, many days of blue skies each year to make those sunsets more visible. You’ll see people pull out their phones and cameras to capture the moment. Then there are the lessContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 15”

Advent 2021: Day 13

Good morning! Books have long been a source of learning, escape, comfort, and entertainment. Maybe you can agree that there are few pleasures equal to a quiet afternoon with some good literature. Especially one of those stories where the author transports you to their world and the book seems to end far too soon. AsContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 13”

Advent 2021: Day 10

Good morning! The idea for this “advent calendar” was born from the fact that the last couple of years have just been pretty crummy. Yet, as I came to realize, there are some incredible blessings within that crumminess. The fact that we live in the internet age comes to mind. Though, yes, a global pandemicContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 10”

Advent 2021: Day 8

Good morning! One of my favorite things about December is hearing the stories of generosity. Much of this generosity is often done anonymously. One of my favorite stories includes the gentleman who pretended to be homeless and gave out $100 bills. Then there’s the gentleman who paid off people’s layaway bills for Christmas gifts. StoriesContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 8”

Advent 2021: Day 7

Good morning! Today, as you probably know by now, is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s wonderful to see that the annual memorial still goes on and that the dwindling number of survivors make the journey if they can. As horrific as those times were, the stories of courage, selflessness, andContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 7”

Advent 2021: Day 6

Good morning and Happy St. Nicholas’ Day! In the past, you’ve read about St. Nicholas’ Day during my Catholic school years. We’d have to leave a shoe out in the hallway for St. Nick (AKA a parent volunteer) to leave treats in. Inevitably sitting through class with a cold foot as well. What I mayContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 6”