5 Things: A Sicilian in Staten Edition

Happy (Black) Friday! Hope you had a great week like those folks who got to take home leftovers from grandma’s house. My sweet grandma is gone many years now but Mum made one of her famous pie recipes for that touch of nostalgia and, yes, there were leftovers! Just a quick note: This is theContinue reading “5 Things: A Sicilian in Staten Edition”

5 Things: Salisbury Steak Cactus Cake Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like these students¬†in England with an incredibly thoughtful teacher. Also, the story is a great reminder to make sure our neighbors (especially the elderly and those with small children) have enough food and supplies during this time. A lot of people are still furloughed or wentContinue reading “5 Things: Salisbury Steak Cactus Cake Edition”

5 Things: Hearts, Lemons, and Espresso Edition

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine\’s Day! Hope you all had a great week or at the very least have some yummy V-Day treats to look forward to today. Of course, it\’s also Friday. I think you might be a little intrigued and perplexed but amused nonetheless by these \”5 Things.\” Enjoy! 1) The Netflix documentaryContinue reading “5 Things: Hearts, Lemons, and Espresso Edition”

5 Things: Kryto-Fudge Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day in the US and an overall great week. Hopefully, there were no more fireworks keeping you awake at 3 a.m. and all your party leftovers are gone so it\’s back to your usual, healthy lifestyle. Happily, it is also Friday, my friends! Time to startContinue reading “5 Things: Kryto-Fudge Edition”

5 Things: Pop tart love edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful (short) week… maybe some calmness before the real stuff begins next week. Or not, huh? Well, as it happens, I did come across some interesting things this week. Hopefully, it will get your through your day: 1) I don\’t know about you but I need some savoryContinue reading “5 Things: Pop tart love edition”

5 Things: Dances with chocolate edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. Maybe just ready for the weekend like yours truly? Well, while you wait for 5 o\’clock to strike, check out this week\’s \”5 Things\”: 1) Have you ever seen break dancers do ballet? Prepare to be amazed! 2) Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess sharedContinue reading “5 Things: Dances with chocolate edition”

5 Things: Warm and crafty edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and aren\’t as freaked out as I am that October is already halfway through. Where did the year go? I\’m already trying to scramble for Christmas craft and cookie ideas so I don\’t get behind like last year. (Ack!) Anyway… Here is this week\’s \”5 Things\”:Continue reading “5 Things: Warm and crafty edition”

5 Things: Impressive impressions edition

Happy Friday! Even though it was a short week I am still glad it\’s Friday. Hopefully this edition of \”5 Things\” is a fun way to herald in your weekend! 1) On the Tonight Show¬†this week Jimmy Fallon and guest Adam Levine played a round of \”Wheel of Musical Impressions.\” Who would have thought LevineContinue reading “5 Things: Impressive impressions edition”

5 Things: \’C\’mon Get Happy\’ Edition

Happy Friday! Happy 2nd day of Spring! Hope everyone had a great week. Yesterday was the International Day of Happiness and it seemed like a good idea to carry it through the rest of the week with \”5 Things\”: 1) Students from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences sing Pharrell Williams\’ track \”Happy\” andContinue reading “5 Things: \’C\’mon Get Happy\’ Edition”

5 Things: Tea and Crafts Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all are thawing out nicely as it appears to have been quite cold again this week in most of the US. (If you live somewhere warm, I\’m super jealous right now!) Here are some nice, warm things to check out this week: 1) Chinese New Year is next week (January 31st)Continue reading “5 Things: Tea and Crafts Edition”