5 Things: Bless Your Dorky Soul Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week with things slowly sliding even closer to whatever your new normal will look like. Summer may give us all some time to reset things a little. Well, regardless of what your week looked like, we have arrived at Friday. That magical land that we M-F workersContinue reading “5 Things: Bless Your Dorky Soul Edition”

5 Things: Like, like edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a good week. (Although what a week, huh?) Well, we\’ve made it to Friday and another \”5 Things\” to get you through the day. Enjoy: 1) We all need some good news, right? Thank you, Tonight Show! (I like you… I mean, I like, like you…) 2) It\’s potluckContinue reading “5 Things: Like, like edition”

5 Things: Puppies and pumpkins edition

Happy Friday! The glorious end of the week has arrived and not a moment too soon. (Though, somehow, I got to thinking that yesterday was Friday… sigh!) Well, I hope you all have great plans for the weekend. Maybe winterizing the house? Or trying to plan ahead (for once!) about a centerpiece for the ThanksgivingContinue reading “5 Things: Puppies and pumpkins edition”

Blogging Ballet: Sorry, there is no DIY ballet training

A common question I\’ve gotten recently is some variation of \”What exercises can I do at home to teach myself ballet?\” Because we live in the age of YouTube and Vimeo, this seems like a pretty simple request. You can find videos teaching you exercise routines, knitting and how to install your own dishwasher. So,Continue reading “Blogging Ballet: Sorry, there is no DIY ballet training”

5 Things: A little more Christmas cheer edition

Happy Friday! It\’s the day after Christmas and I don\’t know about you but I\’m particularly grateful it ended up being a long weekend this year. That way I had plenty of time to make sure my loyal \”5 Things\” readers got a new list to enjoy: 1) The Candy Bomber Story (Narrated by TomContinue reading “5 Things: A little more Christmas cheer edition”

5 Things: Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Friday! Hope all you Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rest of you a wonderful week. 1) First, here\’s a heartwarming story from Lisa Lovatt-Smith regarding her life as a foster mother beginning when she was 23. I\’m looking forward to reading her book! 2) Looking for a new ornament craft to make?Continue reading “5 Things: Post-Thanksgiving Edition”

5 Things: Warm and crafty edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and aren\’t as freaked out as I am that October is already halfway through. Where did the year go? I\’m already trying to scramble for Christmas craft and cookie ideas so I don\’t get behind like last year. (Ack!) Anyway… Here is this week\’s \”5 Things\”:Continue reading “5 Things: Warm and crafty edition”

5 Things: It\’s not unusual edition

Happy Friday! It\’s been a busy week but I couldn\’t wait to share some of this week\’s \”5 Things\” with you all. Of course, I\’m also really glad it\’s Friday. 1) The Carlton is ba-ack… for this week, anyway. The moment we DWTS/Fresh Prince of Bel-AirĀ fans were waiting for arrived on Monday. (It would haveContinue reading “5 Things: It\’s not unusual edition”

Tried it Tuesday: Re-vamping dining room chairs

My dining room chairs were lovingly bequeathed to me from a dear friend\’s parents when I bought my house. Even though they were not quite what I would have chosen for myself, the sentimental value was beyond priceless, The chairs were also pretty comfy and the best price of all: free. Before As I accumulatedContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Re-vamping dining room chairs”