Movie Monday: I just blew in from the Windy City…

Happy Monday! Our April birthday-girl Doris Day was quite the songstress and so it only seemed fitting to share one of her best musicals: Calamity Jane. The Plot: As with the real Calamity Jane, Day\’s character is an obnoxious \”tomboy\” who likes to exaggerate her escapades. Likely, this is where the similarities end. The story highlightsContinue reading “Movie Monday: I just blew in from the Windy City…”

Movie Monday: The Girls From Upper Sandusky

Happy Monday! April continues with Doris Day and I couldn\’t wait to share my absolute favorite of her films: That Touch of Mink! Cary Grant, Gig Young, Audrey Meadows, and John Astin make this gem a real comedic treat from 1962. This film is what I think of anytime someone mentions Sandusky, Ohio or Asbury Park.  ThatContinue reading “Movie Monday: The Girls From Upper Sandusky”

Movie Monday: Happy Birthday, Doris Day!

Happy Monday, all! It\’s April and Friday (April 3rd) would have been Doris Day\’s 98th birthday. Doris was born in 1922 and really established herself as a singer and an actress. In later years, she added activist to her list. The native of Cincinnati, Ohio has 39 films, her own television show, and countless credits for herContinue reading “Movie Monday: Happy Birthday, Doris Day!”