5 Things: Polar Vortex Edition

Happy Friday! Well, the snow finally hit New Mexico after even Atlanta got some first. Wow! Well, I hope you all are staying safe and warm. Enjoy this week\’s 5 Things: 1) What\’s more appropriate than \”Waltz of the Snowflakes\” from the Royal Ballet\’s production of The Nutcracker? It\’s one of my favorite scenes fromContinue reading “5 Things: Polar Vortex Edition”

5 Things: Warm and Toasty Edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone had a good week despite the \”Polar Vortex.\” (Can you believe that some parts of the USA were actually colder than Antarctica?) This week\’s \’5 Things\’ are fun ways to stay warm this frigid January: 1) Netflix has added classics like West Side Story and Breakfast at Tiffany\’s to their instantContinue reading “5 Things: Warm and Toasty Edition”