5 Things: Friday Playlist Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and that all my friends in Florida and all around the southeast made it through Hurricane Ian unscathed. My thoughts are with you as you pick up the debris and make do with hurricane rations. Well, yours truly is back from a mini vacation and inContinue reading “5 Things: Friday Playlist Edition”

5 Things: Velcro Books are Old Enough Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the folks who just learned that a velcro leg wrap could improve their quality of life starting next year! Isn’t technology grand? This current era of science and research is so interesting sometimes. Well, even if the only interesting technology that you’ve encountered this weekContinue reading “5 Things: Velcro Books are Old Enough Edition”

5 Things: Starry Frisson Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the owner of a certain letter by Frank Sinatra who brought it to Antique Roadshow. Talk about good news! Well, even if your collection is far from Antique Roadshow-worthy, it is Friday, my friends! You know that means it’s time to find a quiet spotContinue reading “5 Things: Starry Frisson Edition”

5 Things: Swan Song Pasta Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the proprietors of a UK pub that got to keep its name. Even more amusing, they received a framed apology. It’s good that the publishers of Vogue Magazine recognize seniority and that the pub owners have such a good sense of humor! Could you imagineContinue reading “5 Things: Swan Song Pasta Edition”

5 Things: Largest Euro Dessert Edition

5 Things: Largest Euro Dessert Edition Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the couple who received more than just clams to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. Isn’t it cute that they decided to keep it? Well, even if the only extra that you got from your anniversary dinner was heartburn, itContinue reading “5 Things: Largest Euro Dessert Edition”

5 Things: Vegas Glitter Bin Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the 6-year-old hero who received a special homecoming. What a good brother! It makes you hope that they have just as good a relationship when they grow up. Well, even if you didn’t get a hero’s welcome and missed being saved by someone this week,Continue reading “5 Things: Vegas Glitter Bin Edition”

Advent 2021: Day 25

Good morning and a very Merry Christmas! Many thanks to you all for celebrating blessings with me this Advent. May you all have many more blessings to celebrate today and in the coming year. Today I am exceedingly grateful for the gift of a Savior! What are you thankful for today? A very blessed ChristmasContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 25”

Advent 2021: Day 20

Good morning! A set of Christmas records have been a family tradition since I was a child. Yes, actual records on a record player! We listen to them while decorating the tree or baking scads of sugar cookies. It’s a great time to sing-a-long or simply waltz around the kitchen to Liberace’s “Gesu Bambino.” (ThatContinue reading “Advent 2021: Day 20”

5 Things: Royal Buttercup Muffins Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the gent who is living every bookworm’s dream after finding a secret passage in his library. Can you imagine how much fun that would be? Add that one to the life goals list: Buy a house with a secret passage in the library! Well, evenContinue reading “5 Things: Royal Buttercup Muffins Edition”