Dancing with chronic illness

It took a long time for me to decide to write this post. For one thing, I\’d just as well not talk about the subject at all. While I love my sweetly concerned family and friends, I hate the \”how are you feeling? questions in my everyday life. I\’d like to be known for moreContinue reading “Dancing with chronic illness”

What does "good" dance look like?

Recently a reader who is not a dancer asked me how I determine if a performance is \”good\” or not which opened a great dialogue. It\’s always a wonderful experience to talk out these things with someone who is not in the dance world because I generally end up coming away with some new insightsContinue reading “What does "good" dance look like?”

Do you have reader\’s guilt?

It was really interesting to me that two family members recently admitted to pangs of guilt about taking the time to read for pleasure during the day. (\”Are these people really related to me?\” I had to ask.) Yours truly never really thought about it that way. I mean, reading is sort of what IContinue reading “Do you have reader\’s guilt?”

10 Bollywood films to watch

Ever since I studied Classical Indian dance in college, I have been a huge fan of Indian film or Bollywood. It isn\’t likely that any of these movies would ever earn an American Academy Award but there\’s a lot of charm to them and you can\’t go wrong with fun dance scenes and catchy music.Continue reading “10 Bollywood films to watch”

20 things I do to avoid writing

Writing is something I love doing. Unfortunately, sometimes the ideas are slow to come. You know, the point where you\’re not quite at writer\’s block but you\’re pretty stuck on where to take the story, article or blog post. Of course, rather than press through this little setback, I tend to come up with aContinue reading “20 things I do to avoid writing”

What dance majors do for a living according to LinkedIn

This screen shot is a poll borrowed from LinkedIn which has been keeping track of where most of the dance majors go to school, who they work for and what they specifically do as a job function. I thought it was very telling and would be a great resource for those of you seeking toContinue reading “What dance majors do for a living according to LinkedIn”

A thank you note to my father

Dear Babbo, Happy Father\’s Day! After thirty- *cough* years I\’m more grateful than ever that you\’re my father, friend, personal mechanic and all-around interesting conversationalist. I know that over the decades I have not said \”thank you\” enough and so I would like to take the opportunity to do so now. Thank you for… yourContinue reading “A thank you note to my father”

A Liebster Award for the ajennda and some of my favorite bloggers

What the heck is a Liebster Award? That was my exact question (which I \”Googled\”) once Nicole LaBonde said she would be nominating me. The concept is actually pretty cool. Basically, you are nominated and in turn nominate some of your favorite bloggers (ideally, ten bloggers but easier said than done!). The requirements are thatContinue reading “A Liebster Award for the ajennda and some of my favorite bloggers”