What my mother taught me about love

Happy Mother\’s Day! to all you mothers and motherly people. (I\’ve always preferred the UK\’s \”Mothering Day\” as a better description of what this day ought to encompass)  As the day draws near I\’m thinking about Mum (of course!) and trying to come up with a special way to honor her. (Besides making her favoriteContinue reading “What my mother taught me about love”

Are you too close to your work?

This weekend I was catching up on past episodes of Project Runway. I\’m a late-comer to the show and so I have several seasons to watch before I can remember all the designers who show up on Project Runway All Stars (which I will be watching next). In addition to my love of fashion, IContinue reading “Are you too close to your work?”

My top 10 favorite children\’s books of all time

After making a list of my favorite books of all time, I felt a little bad about leaving out my favorite children\’s books because these titles are near and dear to my heart as well. (And I apparently have too many beloved books to make lists like these!) Fortunately, these are still in print andContinue reading “My top 10 favorite children\’s books of all time”

A ballerina or not?

Ballerina [bahl-lay-REE-rlah (Italian)]A principal female dancer in a ballet company. In the days of the Russian Imperial Theatres the title was given to the outstanding soloists who danced the chief classical roles. (American Ballet Theatre Ballet Dictionary) Some ballet students recently got pretty upset when a younger girl referred to herself as a \”ballerina\” and feltContinue reading “A ballerina or not?”

My top 10 favorite dance books of all time

When there\’s a \”top 10 favorite\” books, in my world there is also a list of favorite dance books. The fact remains that I just really like books and probably needed to go far beyond the number 10 when making a list of this nature. Well, at least 10 makes for a good start andContinue reading “My top 10 favorite dance books of all time”

My top 10 favorite books of all time

Have you ever sat down to consider your absolute favorite books? Prior to this post I had not even thought of a vague list let alone assign numbers of importance beyond #1 (which you\’ll see is a \”gimme\” if you know me or read this blog). Yet here we are and after some careful thought IContinue reading “My top 10 favorite books of all time”

10 things you probably don\’t know about me

Hello! With all the recent changes around here it seemed like a good time to reintroduce myself. So, Hi! My name is Jenn (AKA \”Jenn-da\”) and it\’s a pleasure to meet you! Here are 10 ten things about me that you may or may not want to know: Yes, that\’s glitter on my face! 1)  Ballet has beenContinue reading “10 things you probably don\’t know about me”