An Unofficial Guide to Being a Woman

Recently some friends and I read The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man and did not absolutely hate it (actually, quite the contrary with the exception of the umbrella statement) so we decided to make our own list for being a woman:1) Compliment someone everyday and mean it without a motive.  2) Keep wine,Continue reading “An Unofficial Guide to Being a Woman”

My Big Fat Revenge: Revenge is good closure?

This weekend I caught Oxygen\’s My Big Fat Revenge. My curiosity was piqued in part because I love a good \”makeover show\” where people grow and develop themselves for the better. (Also, in part because of some backlash I had read.) Albeit weight was not my major issue, I do know what it is likeContinue reading “My Big Fat Revenge: Revenge is good closure?”

What I learned from Bridget Jones

At least a decade too late, I know, but one of my guilty pleasures is reading the Bridget Jones books by the hysterically funny Helen Fielding. While initially the only value seemed to be a good laugh and sharing Ms Fielding\’s appreciation for Jane Austen (giving Bridget\’s boyfriend Mark the surname \”Darcy\” is only the beginning) a recent re-read revealed aContinue reading “What I learned from Bridget Jones”

What I learned from Korean tv dramas

Recently, thanks to Netflix, I discovered the world of Korean dramas. While often over the top, these shows do offer unique subject matter in comparison to Western television which is what I find so appealing. Also, I learned a few \”valuable\” lessons which seem to be constant themes in Korean television:1) Respect ALL your eldersContinue reading “What I learned from Korean tv dramas”