Photo-Hunt #4 (Link Party)

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Are you ready for another photography scavenger hunt? That\’s what I thought… This Week\’s Photo Hunt:  Something Musical How to Participate: Simply take a photo (or find a photo) of your own work that could fall into the above category. Be literal or be creative. ItContinue reading “Photo-Hunt #4 (Link Party)”

Photo-Hunt #1

Happy Monday! (I know, I know, \”what\’s happy about it?\”) Well, I\’m about to tell you! This week the ajennda is trying something new: a photography scavenger hunt! Each week a new list of things/items/concepts/colors/whatever sounds interesting will be posted on the blog and you can participate by taking photos of all the things onContinue reading “Photo-Hunt #1”