Question of the Week #5: What do you regret not learning?

    Q: What do you regret not learning?  Two things come to mind: learning to drive a car with a standard transmission and learning to play the violin. Both are things that I did attempt but for some reason my brain just couldn\’t process the information at the time so I gave up becoming proficient.Continue reading “Question of the Week #5: What do you regret not learning?”

Question of the Week #4: Why do you dance?

Q: We all have a driving force behind our art. Who/what specifically is the reason why you dance? You guys certainly aren\’t going easy on me! Well, to start, I would say I dance because I have to. For me dance is art, life, sanity, passion and joy combined. It challenges me in ways nothing elseContinue reading “Question of the Week #4: Why do you dance?”

Question of the Week #3: Your dream dancing partner?

Q: Who would you say is your dream dancing partner? May I have two? Fred Astaire and Julio Bocca. I grew up watching Fred Astaire\’s films (the influence of my parents and grandparents) and dancing around the living room imagining that I was actually dancing with him. There\’s just something smooth, fun and joyful about his styleContinue reading “Question of the Week #3: Your dream dancing partner?”

Question of the Week #2: What inspires you?

Q: What inspires you? A lot of things tend to provide inspiration for me and often in very unexpected ways. Sometimes it could be something I read or a conversation with a good friend. It might not even be what was written or said but where my mind went with it afterward… it\’s an \”artistContinue reading “Question of the Week #2: What inspires you?”

Question of the Week #1: Do female choreographers need help?

Q: The ballet world is sadly lacking for female choreographers. What do you think would be a solution? This is a tough one!  First, I do think it\’s almost a little insulting that anyone should think this is an issue. It\’s almost like someone feels we women haven\’t come very far in equal rights andContinue reading “Question of the Week #1: Do female choreographers need help?”