5 Things: V is for Valentines edition

Happy Friday! Happy Valentine\’s Day! (And Happy Long Weekend for the ones enjoying President\’s Day off!) Hope you all had a decent week with plenty of chocolate treats whether you like V-day or not. It is the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate, after all. Best of all, people give you chocolate. How can you goContinue reading “5 Things: V is for Valentines edition”

5 Things: Spelled \’Santa Fe\’ edition

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week and didn\’t work too hard. It\’s still hard to believe it\’s already February. But, yes, I think I always feel that way this time of the year when things are so busy so the time just flies by. Well, at least it\’s finally the weekendContinue reading “5 Things: Spelled \’Santa Fe\’ edition”

5 Things: You can dance for a torte edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and are not free of the insane amounts of snow. I am secretly hoping for a good foot or two here in the Southwest but only on a weekend when I can actually enjoy it. Otherwise, driving in the stuff is no fun. Yuck! But, hey,Continue reading “5 Things: You can dance for a torte edition”

Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 2

As I got to writing Part 1 of this post I realized that all the goodies in the Frosty Vox Box from Influenster.com required more than one blog post… But I couldn\’t wait to share everything so both posts are going live on the same day! Here are the rest of the fun things IContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 2”

5 Things: \’Twas the week before Christmas edition

Happy Friday and Happy Hanukkah! \’Twas the week before Christmas and all through the snow, I realized I still had shopping to do and it was time to go. So, yes, I will be one of the many doing the mad-dash this weekend for final gift shopping. But in the mean time here are thisContinue reading “5 Things: \’Twas the week before Christmas edition”

5 Things: YouTube challenged edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are staying warm as the winter has decided to arrive a little early in some places. Fortunately, the Southwest has been pretty mild this week which I hope is a trend for the rest of the Season!  As you will see, I realized this weekContinue reading “5 Things: YouTube challenged edition”

5 Things: OK salmon cannon edition

Happy Friday! Here in the USA we\’re closing in on Thanksgiving and I can\’t believe that Christmas is not far behind. The holidays always seem to come more quickly than I expect. But that is neither here nor there as this week\’s \”5 Things\” is all about taking a few moments for some fun beforeContinue reading “5 Things: OK salmon cannon edition”

5 Things: Don\’t read on an empty stomach edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for some fun this weekend. Just a warning that you may need to come back when you\’re not hungry for this week\’s \”5 Things\” which is all about yummy, cold weather comfort food. Can you tell I was looking for recipes to keepContinue reading “5 Things: Don\’t read on an empty stomach edition”

5 Things: Halloween edition

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Also, a very Happy Birthday to my sister! It was all those years ago today that I was out trick-or-treating (dressed as Little Bo Peep) and returned to discover I had a little sister. But enough reminiscing! It\’s time for this week\’s \”5 Things\”:   1) This story about 4-year-oldContinue reading “5 Things: Halloween edition”

5 Things: It\’s not unusual edition

Happy Friday! It\’s been a busy week but I couldn\’t wait to share some of this week\’s \”5 Things\” with you all. Of course, I\’m also really glad it\’s Friday. 1) The Carlton is ba-ack… for this week, anyway. The moment we DWTS/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans were waiting for arrived on Monday. (It would haveContinue reading “5 Things: It\’s not unusual edition”