5 Things: Masked Error Pathetique Edition

  Happy Friday and Happy Fall! Hope you all had a great week like the eight-year-old who got a \”hero arm.\” (Adorable!) It\’s so cool to see him playing with confidence. Great story! Well, even if you didn\’t enjoy a heartwarming occurence this week, it is Friday! I hope that you\’ll take a few minutesContinue reading “5 Things: Masked Error Pathetique Edition”

5 Things: We All Need a Mini-Vacay Edition

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope that you\’re all staying healthy and weathering these horrendous pollen counts around the country. Double eww! Let\’s take a \”5 Things\” mini-vacay away from viruses, stock markets, canceled NCAA tournaments and the scarcity of both disinfectant wipes and toilet paper.  Time to kick back and giggle a little… maybe danceContinue reading “5 Things: We All Need a Mini-Vacay Edition”

5 Things: Masked Inspiration Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. Please keep the families of Kobe Bryant and his fellow passengers in your prayers. Not only have they lost some much-beloved individuals but they also have to skillfully navigate social media and the news as they grieve. Losing family is difficult enough without the constant remindersContinue reading “5 Things: Masked Inspiration Edition”

5 Things: Yellow Mensa Tree Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week sort of like the employees in Idaho who just found out that, regardless of their position, the minimum salary would be $70K. That\’s a lot of spuds! Given that the cost of living in Seattle (where the company\’s HQ is located) is much higher, I\’m sureContinue reading “5 Things: Yellow Mensa Tree Edition”