Tried it Tuesday: Chocolate zucchini muffins

There\’s a gem of a bakery in Albuquerque called House of Bread. Hands down the best treat they make is a moist, yummy chocolate zucchini bread. It is incredible! You don\’t feel so bad about eating chocolate bread because it\’s technically vegetable bread. (Seriously, if you ever find yourself in ABQ, it\’s a must!)  TheContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Chocolate zucchini muffins”

Tried it Tuesday: Cheers to You VoxBox

Happy Tuesday! (Technically, Monday or a Wednesday depending on how you want to look at it!) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Maybe some nice chocolate to enjoy with your sweetie? Well, the Cheers to You VoxBox doesn\’t include chocolate but I have to say that I don\’t miss it at all. (gasp!) CheckContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Cheers to You VoxBox”

Tried it Tuesday: Sharpie Mugs

Before Christmas, Mum and I were brainstorming what we could do as gifts for a bunch of people. Between Mum\’s Bible study and my coworkers, it was a huge number of people to shop for! Mum had always wanted to do personalized mugs so I set about researching an economical (both in time and money)Continue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Sharpie Mugs”

Tried it Tuesday: Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

Happy Tuesday! We\’ve survived the usual Monday drama but not without some major chocolate cravings if you know what I mean. Well, I decided to give Martha Stewart\’s Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins a try but with a twist because this is a pumpkin spice-free space. (In fact, before these muffins, I\’m pretty sure we didn\’t eatContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins”

Tried it Tuesday: Pumpkin VoxBox

Happy Tuesday! Yes, unfortunately, it\’s just Tuesday and not Wednesday as I had hoped. Well, as it happens the nice people at chose me to try out their latest \”Pumpkin VoxBox\” with all sorts of goodies inside. I thought I tell you all about them today. goodnessknows snack squares  All I can say aboutContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Pumpkin VoxBox”

Tried it Tuesday: Chicken pot pie casserole

The Fall has brought on cravings of all those yummy comfort foods. The first thing that came to mind was chicken pot pie. There were a couple of problems, though: 1) It\’s cold out and I don\’t want to pack on the pounds with a lot of carbs and 2) I\’m allergic to peas andContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Chicken pot pie casserole”

Tried it Tuesday: Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods

Recently, I was involved with hosting a baby shower for a special couple. Thanks to Pinterest and all those awesome bloggers out there, I felt a little bit of pressure to do something extra special. That\’s when I stumbled across a cool idea: Chocolate-covered pretzel rods! Who doesn\’t like chocolate and pretzels? (People who wereContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods”

Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 2

As I got to writing Part 1 of this post I realized that all the goodies in the Frosty Vox Box from required more than one blog post… But I couldn\’t wait to share everything so both posts are going live on the same day! Here are the rest of the fun things IContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 2”

Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 1

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I enjoy Well, last week they sent me a \”Frosty Vox Box\” full of all sorts of goodies to enjoy and review. (If you follow the ajennda on Instagram, you might already have seen a preview.) So, I decided to put all the goodies together in oneContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Frosty Vox Box Part 1”

Tried it Tuesday:

Happy Tuesday, Readers! As you\’ve probably realized by now, I enjoy trying new things. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get to try new things quite often. And one of the ways I get to do this is through a site called Influenster is a relatively unique site. TheContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday:”