5 Things: Books and Possibilities Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the scientists who could be on their way to creating a cure for congenital heart disease. Pretty exciting stuff! Well, even if your only invention this week was a new method of exhaustion, it is Friday, friends! You know that also means it’s time toContinue reading “5 Things: Books and Possibilities Edition”

5 Things: The Words are Sorted Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the bus driver from Nova Scotia who received more help and support than he asked for. I\’d heard that Canadian COVID restrictions were difficult to navigate at times. So neat to hear that people sought to make it as painless as possible for the gentleman.Continue reading “5 Things: The Words are Sorted Edition”

5 Things: A Prince for All Seasons Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and that the good weather is forthcoming. It\’s been a windy spell here which is a bit of added havoc for allergy season. Staying indoors has been the name of the game! Well, even if you, too, are allergy-plagued this week, we\’ve arrived at theContinue reading “5 Things: A Prince for All Seasons Edition”

Writing Wednesday: A remarkable journey

Happy Hump Day! Hope you all are having a great week so far. Are you ready to do some writing? I know that I am so let\’s get to it: This week\’s prompt: Sarah arrives at school two hours late with a spear gun and a mysterious velvet sack. What happened?  And, please, share yourContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: A remarkable journey”

5 Things: The sound of breakfast edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least some awesome barbecue and fireworks (that did not result in a wildfire). Not too shabby for a \”short\” week out this way. We even saw a little rain which was a pleasant surprise! Well, even if your week wasn\’t too hot (or wayContinue reading “5 Things: The sound of breakfast edition”

5 Things: Actually Greek edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are possibly looking forward to some long weekend fun… or sleep. Whatever applies best to your perception of fun. Well, I found a few things to get you through your Friday (and possibly help with your Memorial Day BBQ). Check it out: 1) In honorContinue reading “5 Things: Actually Greek edition”

Thank you, Examiner.com!

Well, you may or may not have heard but Examiner.com has stopped accepting submissions and will be closing up shop (\”on or around\”) July 10, 2016. I have to admit that it\’s not surprising in a way because they implemented a lot of editorial and compensation changes a bit too late. But I have aContinue reading “Thank you, Examiner.com!”

20 things I do to avoid writing

Writing is something I love doing. Unfortunately, sometimes the ideas are slow to come. You know, the point where you\’re not quite at writer\’s block but you\’re pretty stuck on where to take the story, article or blog post. Of course, rather than press through this little setback, I tend to come up with aContinue reading “20 things I do to avoid writing”