5 Things: Exotic Minke Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the great-grandmother who received her college diploma over the weekend at the age of 78. What a cool lady! No doubt she\’s a cool role model to her family as well as to the rest of us. Would that we all could be thatContinue reading “5 Things: Exotic Minke Edition”

5 Things: Pipes and Pajamas Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like Hideki Matsuyama who became this week\’s favorite underdog after winning the Masters in Atlanta. His caddie also received some recognition. Can you just imagine four prior years of trying and then finally hitting that sweet spot? Wow! Well, even if your moment to shineContinue reading “5 Things: Pipes and Pajamas Edition”

5 Things: Take That Back to Friday Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a great week. April is here in full swing and I hope that means that the weather near you is a little more bearable. Maybe you\’ve been able to enjoy some flowers blooming and birds singing as well.  \”5 Things\” is ba-ack! Check outContinue reading “5 Things: Take That Back to Friday Edition”

Lent 2021: Day 32

  Good morning! Today, check out a catchy tune called \”Try a Little Kindness\” with the Sesame Street gang and singer Tori Kelly. Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head. It\’s definitely stuck in mine, already! Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Donate to a stranger\’s Go Fund Me page. If you would, considerContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 32”

Lent 2021: Day 29

  Good morning! This video from the Dodo YouTube channel shows a family\’s immense kindness toward a little fox who needed some extra care. They also take great pains to reunite him with the mother fox. Definitely a dose of cuteness along with the reminder that sometimes the non-human creatures of this world can useContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 29”

Lent 2021: Day 28

  Good morning! In his TED Talk \”Why kindness matters,\” Kindness Coach John Sweeney makes an interesting point: One of the reasons that we should be kind is to make people feel like they matter. Who can we show that they matter today? Definitely some food for thought! Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Collect soda (pop)Continue reading “Lent 2021: Day 28”

5 Things: Valentine Chocolate Field Goal Edition

Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week regardless of whether or not your team won the Super Bowl. As usual, I tuned in for the commercials because my cursory knowledge of the football rules isn\’t really enough to make it enjoyable. Alas! A lost cause. Now onto a topic that I doContinue reading “5 Things: Valentine Chocolate Field Goal Edition”

5 Things: Exodus Kitty Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week and weren\’t blindsided by the fact that January is almost over. Holy moly! Maybe February will mean an end to the random snow storms that keep popping up in this neck of the woods. It has been a strange winter.  Well, fortunately, Friday isContinue reading “5 Things: Exodus Kitty Edition”

5 Things: Ultimate Gray Edition

Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a good/uneventful week. Uneventful weeks are just the best, aren\’t they? When things go relatively to plan, even in the time of COVID, the mundane is comforting.  And you know what else is comforting? Friday! Time to check out \”5 Things\” while you contemplate the weekend. Enjoy! 1)Continue reading “5 Things: Ultimate Gray Edition”

5 Things: Task Your Robot Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week. I don\’t know about you but the second week back to work after the holidays was more difficult than the first. Friday could not come soon enough! Thankfully, that promised land of the workweek has arrived. Don\’t worry, your weekly dose of \”5 Things\”Continue reading “5 Things: Task Your Robot Edition”