‘Grit of Berth and Stone’ by Lisa Dunn

“True Grit” and pearls… As the result of a highly scientific Twitter poll, it’s back to the Young Adult genre with ‘Grit of Berth and Stone’ by Lisa Dunn. Lisa was kind enough to submit to an interview! An interesting part of the interview is that Lisa mentions Suzanne Collins as one of her authorContinue reading “‘Grit of Berth and Stone’ by Lisa Dunn”

‘Arden’s Act’ with Author Elizabeth Thomas

‘Arden’s Act’ with Author Elizabeth Thomas It was only a matter of time before we switched gears to a Historical Romance! Author Elizabeth Thomas takes us to the year 1661 and the reign of Charles II. Arden is a young woman who escapes the tyranny of a Puritan stepfather to become an actress on theContinue reading “‘Arden’s Act’ with Author Elizabeth Thomas”

Author Asa Rodriguez and the Benjamin Jones Series

The Argentinian-born Asa Rodriguez found his writing niche in a series described as “Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson.” Benjamin Jones is an orphan on a journey steeped in adventure and mystery! Now here is what the gracious Asa had to say: Jenn: How did your journey as a writer begin? Asa: Well, actually I startedContinue reading “Author Asa Rodriguez and the Benjamin Jones Series”

‘Could I Be Autistic?’ with Author Rachel Bushman

Now we’re taking a detour into more non-fiction. Author Rachel Bushman received an Autism diagnosis later in life and wanted to help others explore the topic when things just don’t seem quite “right.” Here’s her interview: Jenn: Do you mind sharing a little about how you came to explore the topic of Autism for yourself?Continue reading “‘Could I Be Autistic?’ with Author Rachel Bushman”

Talking The Forest of Forgotten Vows with Author Grace Carlisle

A house brownie and a shadow spectre. After years at boarding schools, Tamsin returns to her small hometown to care for her grandmother. For years, she had managed to put her “imaginary friends” out of her mind. But now that she’s returned, Tamsin has to reckon with the house brownie who throws tantrums, a mysteriousContinue reading “Talking The Forest of Forgotten Vows with Author Grace Carlisle”

Kenyon Gagne and The Goners Trilogy

An exciting adventure into young adult Sci-Fi with a positive message: Hope. The multi-faceted Independent Author Kenyon Gagne writes for a younger audience with a dash of adventure… He also reads Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Austen, and Alcott! Here’s how the interview went: Jenn: How did your journey as a writer begin? Kenyon: I’m going to includeContinue reading “Kenyon Gagne and The Goners Trilogy”

Interview with Aisha Urooj, Author of ‘The Nine Muses’

The Nine Muses have lost their powers… Packed with fun and a good dose of mystery, The Nine Muses drops Greek goddesses into the mortal world. Even worse, into a moral high school! Zeus’ daughters The Muses can no longer dance, sing, or create art. His solution? To send them to a mortal high schoolContinue reading “Interview with Aisha Urooj, Author of ‘The Nine Muses’”

The Hourglass and a conversation with Magdelene D. D.

A Sabbatical in the Desert If the tragedy of 9/11 hadn’t been earth-shattering enough, the COVID-19 virus claimed even more of Magdelene’s clients. The intervening years were a search for meaning and personal obligation as a human and an American. Although our views on faith are vastly different, Magdelene quickly became someone whom I greatlyContinue reading “The Hourglass and a conversation with Magdelene D. D.”

Miltan Epsilon: Book 1 – Interview with S.C. Mae

The third review/interview in this series delves into the Sci-Fi world of Indie author S.C. Mae! In Miltan Epsilon: Book 1, Jazz Healy sets out on a routine delivery mission only to discover two animal activists and the cultish Novus Replicates have other plans. Her cargo of pets, including a highly valuable splice kitten, isContinue reading “Miltan Epsilon: Book 1 – Interview with S.C. Mae”

Margaret’s Rematch Author Interview

Indie Author Farida Mestek decided to tackle the writing style of Jane Austen and succeeded! It’s also worth mentioning that Farida is a native of Ukraine. Reading her books (see her Amazon author’s page) definitely adds meaning in the midst of current world events. In her book Margaret’s Rematch, Mestek tells the tale of MargaretContinue reading “Margaret’s Rematch Author Interview”