5 Things: La Belle France Edition (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here today! Thank you Jenn for having me!

My name is Natalia and I have a blog called Ma Nouvelle Mode which means \”My New Style\” in French. Why French you may ask? Well, besides being a beautiful language, my family and I have lived in France on and off for the last 6 years. My husband is from the Bahamas and I am from southern California and we\’re raising our kids in France. This definitely makes for an interesting life!

So Jenn asked me to share \’5 things\’ with you today. This is a tough one, so I thought I\’d narrow it down. How about 5 things I love about living in France?


canal of amsterdam
I love to travel. I am mesmerized by different places and cultures and the history behind it all. I want to go everywhere and do the tourist things and the every day things. It is all so interesting to me. Well, living in France gives me much more of this opportunity. Obviously if we were in So Cal or the Bahamas it would be a lot more expensive to flutter about the globe. But living here I\’ve been able to travel to Milan, the Italian and French Rivieras, Switzerland a couple times, London, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, and Paris quite a few times not to mention almost all of France. It truly is an amazing experience!

Cheese and Wine

French cheese and wine
Need I say more? Who knew you could have a whole meal made entirely of cheese and wash it down with an amazing sparkling wine? Well, until living here, I most certainly didn\’t! And now that I know, there\’s no turning back! I go to our local farmer\’s market weekly to pick out a new cheese. I also recently found a wine boutique with a very nice gentleman who helps me pick the best wines. Bonus – they\’re not expensive!

The lifestyle

I love America. It is my home, I was born and raised there and eventually I will return. However, the French, they know how to live. They know how to take breaks and relax and enjoy their meals and go on vacation. They don\’t overwork (which can sometimes be annoying – I\’m still waiting for the electrician to come!) and the enjoy life. At any point in the day you will see people sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe enjoying an afternoon coffee. Or a glass of wine at dinner. It\’s taught me to slow down and enjoy life. Why are we always in a hurry?

The language

This one is give and take. It can be such a lovely thing to communicate in a different language. However at the same time, I have never felt so stupid as when I am not understood in French. The good is starting to out-way the bad as I am improving in the language department and it\’s a fun advancement! I have always wanted to speak another language and am very grateful for this opportunity. French really is a beautiful (albeit bizarre sometimes) language.

The experience.

castle in avignon

I come from a relatively small town. Okay, not too small, but it\’s a generally sheltered, white, middle class America. Not too many people travel, and I don\’t know very many people with interests outside of their own worlds. I am a white American who married a black Bahamian who now lives in a country that is neither of ours. We have two kids who are simultaneously experiencing three cultures. My six-year-old speaks two languages and my 3-year-old is well on his way. This is truly an unparalleled experience and I am so thankful for it. Without France we\’d just be a normal interracial, intercultural family. And how boring is that? 🙂

I understand that not everyone can have these experiences which is why I am forever grateful we get to be here. I also know it won\’t last forever so I am trying to embrace all aspects of it while I have the chance. If you were wondering what brings us here, my husband is a professional basketball player and he got his first contract to play in France 8 years ago. We were married 2 years later and have been globetrotting as a family ever since!

If you\’d like to follow our adventures you can check me out on my blog – where I also write a little about fashion, style, beauty and I love to create hairstyles to share. You can also find me on Instagram where I share updates of our live in France and Facebook where I love to meet and interact with you!

  If you stop by, give me a shout out, I\’d love to \’meet\’ you!! Thanks again for having me Jenn!

About the Author

Natalia is a mom to two crazy boys and wife to one handsome dude. She lives in France part of the year where her husband plays professional basketball, but she hails from Southern California. The hubs was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, which makes them an intercultural, interracial family traveling the globe together since 2007. She loves to cook (but mostly eat), hang with her fam, be adventurous, and find ways to stay girlie in a house full of men. On her site you can find loads of hair tutorials, makeup ideas, and fashion tips for the everyday woman. She believes that beauty and fashion don\’t have to be intimidating and that every woman should learn to embrace her own beauty.

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

3 thoughts on “5 Things: La Belle France Edition (Guest Post)

  1. Delightful and beautiful post – i'm jealous. I really enjoyed it even tho i am just part of a regular boring interracial american family not living in france 😉


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