‘Amos the Amazing’ by Jorah Kai

Who would think that a trip to taste the world’s spiciest ice cream could possibly take a left turn? Well, maybe you did see that one coming. But how about a left turn into a Solarpunk odyssey that melds East and West? Amos’ ill-fated attempt to eat the world’s spiciest ice cream lands him onContinue reading “‘Amos the Amazing’ by Jorah Kai”

‘The Missing’ with Stephen Zimmerman

Something is rotten in the town of Hamlin… Detective Sam Cross drives into the town of Hamlin in search of a stolen Ferrari. He’s met with a malfunctioning GPS and his cell phone and radio won’t work, either. The local sheriff isn’t any help and even tries to dissuade Sam from investigating further. The tenaciousContinue reading “‘The Missing’ with Stephen Zimmerman”

5 Things: Borderline Space Microwave Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the folks blessed by a unique plumber. What a lovely way to serve others! Don’t you agree?  Well, even if you weren’t fortunate enough to avoid costly plumbing repairs this week, we’ve made it to Friday, friends! You know that also means it’s time to checkContinue reading “5 Things: Borderline Space Microwave Edition”

5 Things: DVAM 2021 Edition

Happy Friday and Happy October! Hope you all had a great week like those of us who have been enjoying some real fall weather. Farewell, 100-degree temperatures! October, as you may know, is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My family, like many others, has not been immune to this blight. Two individuals very near and dearContinue reading “5 Things: DVAM 2021 Edition”

5 Things: Exotic Minke Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the great-grandmother who received her college diploma over the weekend at the age of 78. What a cool lady! No doubt she\’s a cool role model to her family as well as to the rest of us. Would that we all could be thatContinue reading “5 Things: Exotic Minke Edition”

5 Things: Marvelous Moms Edition

  Happy Friday and a very Happy Mother\’s Day to all you motherly folks out there! Hope you all had a great week much like these nurses who were honored by the patients they saved.  And guess what? It\’s Friday, my friends! That means that we\’re getting closer to that day where we get toContinue reading “5 Things: Marvelous Moms Edition”

5 Things: Words and Things Edition

Happy Friday! Hope that you all had a great week like the folks who had their Girl Scout cookies delivered by drone! Thin Mints from the sky? I\’m in! Well, even if your Samoa cravings went unsated this week, you\’ve gotten through to Friday, my friends! Check out some cool stuff to get you throughContinue reading “5 Things: Words and Things Edition”

5 Things: Pipes and Pajamas Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like Hideki Matsuyama who became this week\’s favorite underdog after winning the Masters in Atlanta. His caddie also received some recognition. Can you just imagine four prior years of trying and then finally hitting that sweet spot? Wow! Well, even if your moment to shineContinue reading “5 Things: Pipes and Pajamas Edition”

5 Things: A Prince for All Seasons Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and that the good weather is forthcoming. It\’s been a windy spell here which is a bit of added havoc for allergy season. Staying indoors has been the name of the game! Well, even if you, too, are allergy-plagued this week, we\’ve arrived at theContinue reading “5 Things: A Prince for All Seasons Edition”

5 Things: Take That Back to Friday Edition

  Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a great week. April is here in full swing and I hope that means that the weather near you is a little more bearable. Maybe you\’ve been able to enjoy some flowers blooming and birds singing as well.  \”5 Things\” is ba-ack! Check outContinue reading “5 Things: Take That Back to Friday Edition”