Lent 2021: Day 37

  Good morning! As you may know, the Jewish celebration of Passover coincides with Holy Week. The following beautiful text comes from a book for a Passover service published in 1862! Today, I\’m reminded of the kindnesses of God who takes care of us.  Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Offer to entertain a friend\’s children viaContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 37”

Lent 2021: Day 34

  Good morning! The Quaker missionary Stephen Grellet grew up in affluence in 1770\’s France. He narrowly escaped his death sentence during the French Revolution and made his way across \”The Pond\” to the young country known as The United States of America.  After converting to Quakerism, Grellet became a seemingly-tireless missionary. He traveled muchContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 34”

Lent 2021: Day 33

  Good morning and Happy Friday! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette regularly features a lovely series of \”Random Acts of Kindness.\” I especially loved this story about convenience store employees who went above and beyond for an elderly customer. The customer himself was on a daily mission of kindness for his neighbors and found that kindness rewardedContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 33”

Lent 2021: Day 32

  Good morning! Today, check out a catchy tune called \”Try a Little Kindness\” with the Sesame Street gang and singer Tori Kelly. Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head. It\’s definitely stuck in mine, already! Today\’s Kindness Challenge is: Donate to a stranger\’s Go Fund Me page. If you would, considerContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 32”

Lent 2021: Day 29

  Good morning! This video from the Dodo YouTube channel shows a family\’s immense kindness toward a little fox who needed some extra care. They also take great pains to reunite him with the mother fox. Definitely a dose of cuteness along with the reminder that sometimes the non-human creatures of this world can useContinue reading “Lent 2021: Day 29”