5 Things: Serial catfishing edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and are saving some of that Halloween candy you had already bought for the trick-or-treaters next week. Anyway! Check out this week\’s \”5 Things\” for a great way to start the weekend: 


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1) This news clip from the Today Show was really great. A mom in North Carolina decided to open her own studio catering to children with special needs so they can dance. Really cool!
2) Serial is a semi-new podcast that has me hooked. Basically, it\’s an investigative journalism podcast following a murder case from 15 years ago. A high school student is in jail for murdering his ex-girlfriend. The journalists explore the evidence presented in court and some that appeared to be overlooked. So, it\’s like Dateline but trying to uncover the truth. 
3) This week I found the article \”\’Am I being catfished?\’ An author confronts her number one online critic\” very absorbing. Basically, it\’s \”how-to\” of what not to do as a new author but also very revealing about trolls on the Internet. I\’d definitely be curious to hear what you think!
4) Both Bewitched and the BBC\’s I.T. Crowd are getting remakes. NBC has ordered pilots for remakes of both shows. Sabrina\’s granddaughter will be taking over the family craft and the \”basement dwelling dweebs\” have become American. Personally, hoping they both make it to TV!
5) I\’d just like to recommend pancakes for dinner. Any old recipe or mix will do. It\’s just that eating breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite late fall/early winter things to do. Yum!
Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and eat some pancakes for dinner! 🙂

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