New dance podcast launching!

I don\’t know about you but I love a good podcast. The only downside is that there aren\’t that many arts (specifically dance!) podcasts that are consistent and great commentaries on the dance world. The Royal Opera House podcasts are great but not nearly numerous enough for my liking!

Now enters Conversations on Dance from Tendus Under a Palm Tree founder Rebecca King and fellow Miami City Ballet dancer Michael Sean Breeden! They plan to tackle topics about ballet and dance including a lot of Balanchine and Summer Intensives

I had the privilege of a little sneak peak of the first episodes and can already tell that this is going to be a great listen and a great resource. The chemistry between the two hosts is great (very comfortable and conversational) and they\’ve shared some real gems about dance in Miami and prepping for a professional career.

Best of all they will be answering listener questions in each episode. So, if you have a burning question about ballet, be sure to send it in. These two have a lot of years in ballet and know their stuff!

So, check it out, okay? I can\’t wait to hear your questions on an upcoming episode!

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