5 Things: Docu-choco Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week like those who discovered that playing sports in school was good for more than just learning “teamwork.” Interesting study!

Well, even if the closest you came to catching a ball was “playing” outfield during phys ed so that you didn’t actually have to do anything, it’s Friday, friends. And you know that means it’s also time to check out another “5 Things” to make it feel like the weekend is coming a little quicker. Enjoy!

In the past month, I’ve watched some great documentaries. So, now I’m sharing them all with you. First is Girl in the Picture (Netflix) which is true crime although, perhaps more accurately, would be best categorized as “true horror.” Every turn is more insane than the last although, thankfully, there is a relatively satisfying ending to look forward to.

Speaking of insane… The Woman Who Wasn’t There (Amazon Prime) is another bizarre story that sounds like something out of a best-selling novel. Of course, it really happened and took years for anyone to realize that there might be an imposter in their midst.

In her documentary Little White Lie (Amazon Prime), Lacey Schwartz chronicles her upbringing and a dramatic realization that the father who raised her was not her biological parent. What followed was earth-shattering but affirming as she learned about her father and a whole new community out there that she belonged to.

Yet another Amazon Prime documentary titled Alison is not for the faint of heart. Like, The Girl in the Picture, it’s pretty horrifying to see what Alison suffered. But, spoiler, she’s a strong woman who prevails!

Lastly, a treat to munch on while watching documentaries this weekend: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars. They are delicious and especially fun to make with kids who are remarkably talented when it comes to pressing cookie dough in baking pans!

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and please continue to pray for our friends in Ukraine!

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