5 Things: Let us have chocolate

Another week, another \”Five Things!\” Here\’s what I enjoyed this week:

1) HollywoodHousewife.com – Another favorite blog and, no, Laura doesn\’t remotely resemble one of the cast members from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her content is more along the lines of mommy \”musings,\” reviews and an engaging writing style which keep me coming back for more. Be sure to read her post about a recent trip to Sri Lanka with World Vision.

2) HauteLook.com – My taste tends to run into champagne territory with a bottled water budget. This is why HauteLook is such fun for me: I buy some good quality items (this week, it was some super-cute boots!) for a hefty discount to keep my wardrobe updated. The sales change often and all you have to do is sign up (it\’s free – no fees involved) to get regular e-mail notices. In addition to shoes, HauteLook sells everything from purses to housewares, men\’s clothing to children\’s and some really lovely beauty products. Check it out sometime!

3) Pure Protein Bars – Okay, if you are one of those people with a major sweet tooth, these probably aren\’t for you. But if you are a fan of protein bars and want one without a ton of sugar, give these a try. The flavor is good for a bar with only 2g of sugar and they aren\’t as hard as a rock (I\’m not a fan of the tough variety). I take these with me to the studio, the gym, work and on vacation for a little pick-me-up after exercise or between meals. Love them!

4) Jane Austen Great Christian Novelist – Dr. Jerram Barrs, a professor at Covenant Theological Seminary, does a series on Jane Austen\’s novels with regards to faith that is incredibly interesting and enlightening. This teaching segment is a must for Jane Austen fans who are also believers. Bonus points to Dr. Barrs for being a male who can confidently appreciate Jane Austen!

5) Vegan Chocolate Mousse – So, you\’ve probably discovered by now that I love chocolate in most forms (and not that \”fake\” white chocolate stuff). I love this recipe because it is incredibly easy but also because it is so versatile. Plain soy milk works just as well and I have made this into a pudding pie with graham cracker crust and a trifle layered with fresh berries. Get creative… it\’s hard to go wrong! 

Have a great weekend and don\’t forget to vote! Tuesday is Election Day here in the US. I\’m just grateful all this campaign ad nonsense will be over soon, too. Doesn\’t it feel like we should have voted six months ago?


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