5 Things: Quizzical Edition

Happy Friday! We have had some rather cold weather out this way (the wind chill was -2 on Tuesday morning) so going out was not appealing to say the least. This week\’s \”Five Things\” are all good for those staying indoors. Hope you enjoy them:

1) Religious Knowledge Quiz – The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life actually released this a  couple of years ago but only came to my attention recently. While Atheists and Agnostics tend to score the best on this, it\’s sad to see that Christians tend to score the lowest on this particular quiz. Not surprising but still sad considering we tend to expect everyone to understand us but not the other way around. We get complacent and a little cliquish. Amazingly, I actually scored 31 out of 32 (and almost passed out from the shock). How did you do? Are you inspired to get to know the religions of others?
Note to Christian friends: If score poorly on this and you haven\’t read Bob Roberts\’ Bold as Love, it\’s worth a read not to mention that it\’s really convicting!

2) Jung/Briggs Myers Topology Test – Another quiz but this one\’s about your personality! The test summarizes your personality to a 4-letter type (I\’m an INTJ and apparently in good company with C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen and Emily Bronte!). Apparently, a lot of employers use this to gauge their new hire\’s strengths and preferences. This particular test offers famous people with similar personalities as well as ideal occupations for your type. What did you think of your results?

3) Soundcloud.com – SoundCloud is like finding a bunch of podcasts all in one place but you can listen to them through your browser. Music, news, audio books, and even audio Q & A with John Piper are all available for your listening pleasure. Also, check out SlateRadio if you\’re a fan of Slate.com or just enjoy a good podcast.

4)  Williston, North Dakota – This town has seen a huge oil boom and so there has been an influx of workers but also a huge disparity in the ratio or men to women (the estimate is 1.6 single young men to every 1 young single woman). Although I definitely don\’t like the way women are being treated there, the really interesting thing is history repeating itself. You may recall the Gold Rush of the mid 1800\’s where a similar phenomena occurred as men were moving West in the US. I\’m beginning to wonder if internet dating will become the new \”mail order bride\” service?

5) Office Chair Yoga – As I mentioned before, it\’s been too cold to go out and so that\’s means I had to forego walks as well. Doing some basic Yoga stretches at my desk has helped relieve some of that computer neck tension and to maintain some sanity.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know what you found interesting this week in the comment box below. Have a great weekend!


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