5 Things: Spring Ahead Edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week (or at least some fun weekend plans ahead). Also, hope you enjoy what I found interesting this week…

1) Spring Ahead – Don\’t forget that the clocks go an hour forward in the USA this weekend (Sunday, March 10, 2013). This means the later services at church will inevitably be packed and a few of the folks who don\’t remember may be late to work Monday. Thank goodness for cell phones and computers that update themselves!

2) Slate\’s \”The Vault\” – Aptly self- described as \”Historical Treasures, Oddities and Delights\” this is a fun collection of vintage photos, documents, etc. of interest. My favorites so far is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle\’s Proust Questionnaire responses and LBJ in an amphicar.

3) Once Upon a Time Podcasts – Confession time: I love Once Upon A Time (ABC Sundays) and rarely miss an episode. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz really do an amazing job of putting enough twists and turns to keep me interested and just recently I became aware of their podcasts after each episode. These are really fun and help ease some of the suspense from week to week. Best of all, it\’s free on iTunes.com and so far I haven\’t needed the software.

4) Nutella Brownies – How else does one deal with the time change but to bake some brownies? These are dangerous in the respect that you need to make them for a group and send them home with leftovers or you might end up eating them all yourself. Just make sure you have copies of the recipe handy because you will be asked.

5) Fishtail braids – I\’m a little challenged when it comes to braids (the product of curly hair, I think)but I was really surprised how easy it is to do a fishtail braid. My sis and I walked around last Saturday with matching braids because we were so pleased at how quickly we picked these up. Much easier than a French braid in my mind and looks cool even when it\’s a little messy (my braid definitely was).


(Clock photo by: Piotr Koczab)

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