5 Things: Taxes Filed Edition

Hello and Happy Friday, friends! Hope everyone has been having a good week (now that the pollen levels have dropped a bit) and have already filed your taxes. Can you believe Monday is April 15th already? Wow!

Well, here\’s what I found interesting this week:
1) Call the Midwife -Thanks to allergies (and subsequent sinus infections) at my house this week, we were glued to the Netflix and \”discovered\” this gem of a show. Set in 1950\’s London\’s West End, the show is based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth who really lived that life. The writing is really excellent and it captures some endearing characters. Fortunately, PBS is currently airing Season 2 (episode 3 is on this Sunday) so check it out and let me know what you think!

2) 9 Ways to Tie a Scarf – While I love scarves, I am really quite boring when it comes to the ways I wear them. Translation: I do the boring single knot that everyone else on the planet had mastered years ago. This link has some great tutorials with more imaginative styles. It makes me want to go get some new scarves right now. Seriously!

3) Confessions of St. Augustine – The last time I read this was in catholic school (don\’t ask how long ago that was!) and I had not truly appreciated this work then. It is eloquently spiritual in a way we can all relate and elevate our minds with some excellent prose.

4) French Accent Homographs Being the nerd that I am, I think some of these are hilarious and I\’m fairly sure these mistakes accounted for some strange looks I received over the years while attempting to speak French. I\’ll stick to ballet terminology.

5) World\’s Best Chocolate Oatmeal CakeLovely recipe for the weekend and company (or just you and a cup of coffee). We even cut out the white sugar and made it a little less sweet with delicious, chocolatey results.Enjoy!

Question of the week: Milk or dark chocolate?


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