5 Things: Halloween edition

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Also, a very Happy Birthday to my sister! It was all those years ago today that I was out trick-or-treating (dressed as Little Bo Peep) and returned to discover I had a little sister. But enough reminiscing! It\’s time for this week\’s \”5 Things\”:  

1) This story about 4-year-old Ethan Van Leuven from West Jordan, Utah just really tugged at my heartstrings. The town banded together to celebrate Ethan\’s birthday (with a parade, no less!), Halloween and Christmas early when the little boy\’s leukemia became terminal. (Note: Unfortunately, Ethan lost his battle with cancer this week. My prayers are with the family.)  

2) This pumpkin soup recipe from district of chic looks like a brilliant way to class up pumpkin this Fall. The ingredients include pancetta and honey. (Yum!) Other pumpkin recipes that struck my fancy include this Pumpkin-Chocolate Swirl Cake, Pumpkin Squares With Cream Cheese Frosting and Pumpkin&Feta Muffins

3) If you\’re looking for a last minute (and easy) costume idea check out these No Sew Halloween Costumes and Last Minute Costumes for the Social Media Lover from Andrea\’s Notebook. The Instagram costume is growing on me!

4) If you\’re looking for a spooky book, I highly recommend reading Bram Stoker\’s Dracula even if for the second (or fifth) time. It\’s one of those works where you can discover new details every time you read the book. Also, great to read in between handing out candy tonight.  

5) This article after the first male ballet dancer in India titled \”Dance like a man\” is really interesting. We Westerners forget that even though ballet has been a part of our culture for our entire lifetimes, that is not the case in other parts of the world. It\’s a great reminder that the love of ballet is still spreading.   

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don\’t get too sugared-up on Halloween treats!

P.S. To my American readers, don\’t forget to vote on Tuesday!!

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