Tried it Tuesday:

Happy Tuesday, Readers! As you\’ve probably realized by now, I enjoy trying new things. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get to try new things quite often. And one of the ways I get to do this is through a site called

Influenster is a relatively unique site. The whole Influenster community is dedicated to sharing favorite brands and products. Users share their experiences with different products and you can even ask specific questions before you try or buy. The beauty product reviews are usually the most helpful because beauty products are a bit of an investment and the community can help decide if these things are a good value or fit your skin type. Love it!

But here comes my favorite part of being a member of the Influenster community: You sometimes get to try the stuff for free. Every so often Influenster offers what\’s called a Vox Box which is a box of product(s) sent to select bloggers to try and review. As a result I\’ve tried several products including yogurt and body wash which I might never have purchased on my own… and really enjoyed them.

Influenster also hosts chat parties on Twitter (often with prizes to be won) and other great events all centered around social media. Have you tried Influenster? What did you think?

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