5 Things: Cooking With Orwell Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the bride and groom whose day was saved by the kindness of strangers. Although, seriously, the Isle of Skye is so beautiful that it would be worth getting married there in whatever you were wearing!

Well, even if your luggage was lost and you weren’t on a beautiful island, it is Friday, my friends! You know that also means it’s time to find your most comfortable chair and check out another “5 Things.” Enjoy!

A charming YouTube channel called Great Depression Cooking recently caught my eye. It’s a little piece of history and the host, Clara, also makes Cucidati like my grandmother used to!

Speaking of learning from our elders… a 100-year-old man in Edinburgh still works three days a week! It sounds like a lovely idea to stay active, stay social, and give back.

This recipe for Pandesal is a reminder of childhood when friends of the family from the Philippines used to make this delicious bread and pork buns. Of course, I had no idea what it was called at the time let alone the interesting history. I’m excited to give it a try!

The 2019 memoir Some Kids by Kate Clanchy won the Orwell Prize and then a totally different type of attention for some of its content. Conversations arose about the author’s descriptions of minority students and whether adequate steps were taken to be sure of any students’ anonymity. And the avalanche (and the inevitable “canceling”) continued from there. An interesting read and, perhaps, a cautionary tale for memoirists of the current age.

Last but not least, your smile for the day: A very smart golden retriever plays with the automated ball launcher.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to pray for Ukraine, and get some rest, everyone!

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