5 Things: Parisian Niche Queen Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the 100 teachers who will be going on a free cruise! A cute treat to show some gratitude. Don’t you agree?

Well, even if dreams of a vacation, let alone a cruise, are far from you this week, it is Friday, my friends! That means that it’s also time for the final “5 Things” of 2022! (Can you believe it?)

Thanksgiving followed by December will be upon us soon. This means that it’s almost time for the annual “Advent Calendar.” So, check back starting December 1st! In the meantime, enjoy this week’s “5 Things!”

Friends, join me on one of my internet rabbit hole searches: Namely the reason why fudge is a popular item at tourist attractions! You know that you’ve seen fudge everywhere from Sedona to Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island to the Space Needle. People want to sell us tourists fudge and now we actually know why.

In the vein of Miss Pettrigrew Lives For a Day, the newer Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris has proven itself to be just a charming. Working class lady with an intrepid spirit goes on the journey of a lifetime. What’s not to love? By the way, both films were based on books!

I’ve probably shared this before but I love this video about an “unsexy” French accent. Bingo!

Check out some very “niche” podcasts. And I mean very niche. Goodness!

And, alas, Mariah Carey is not official “Queen of Christmas.” We all know that title belongs to Mrs. Claus.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone and continue to keep Ukraine in your prayers!

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