5 Things: All Politeness Edition

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans! Hope everyone has something lovely planned this weekend whether you\’re enjoying a long one or not. This week\’s \”Five Things\” are fairly polite… enjoy!

1) Miss Leslie\’s Behavior Book – Thanks to the @TheLitDetective, this gem came to my attention this week. The chapter titled \”Conduct to Literary Women\” is absolutely priceless and surprisingly good advice for dealing with a lot of people and not just the \”literary.\”

2) With Love From Graz – This is a great collection of love letters and photos from World War I. The language and adorable doodles give a sweet glimpse into this long-distance courtship.

3) Miss Moi Jewelry – Just stumbled upon these beauties and think they would make great birthday gifts for my gal pals. They are also available on Robin Street Market for those of us North of the Equator.

4) The season finale of New Girl – \”This is where I belong with Winston and a badger.\”  Just about anything that could go wrong at a wedding did not happen but Schmidt, Winston and Nick\’s subterfuge goes above and beyond that of usual pranks. It\’s a fun episode with an interesting twist toward the end.

5) Science experiment gone wrong turns into opportunity – I just loved the ending to this story considering the poor girl is an honor student and probably will end up making some major discovery in science someday.

That\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!


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