5 Things: Bollywood week edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a really great week. Maybe some gratuitous dark chocolate breaks?:)
Well, this week I have been on a serious Bollywood kick. Watching movies, dancing in the kitchen… it\’s been pretty serious. So, I thought I\’d just share some of my favorite Bollywood songs of all time. Hope you enjoy!
1) Because you pretty much haven\’t lived until you\’ve seen Hrithik Roshan dance. \”Tu Meri\” is one of my favorites. (Warning: This one does get stuck in your head very easily!)
2) \”Salaam-E-Ishq\” is just a great choice for a dance marathon in the living room with a bunch of friends! 
3) \”Yeh Ishq Hai\” just seems like a really cute song to me. (And who doesn\’t like dancing on a frozen mountain?) 
4) The choreography for \”Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje\” is just a lot of fun not to mention quite the workout. I would like to get a bunch of people together for a reenactment. Who\’s with me? 
5) The song \”Dance Pe Chance\” is really cute, too. The best part is probably watching the male lead play a bit of a dork even though he\’s an extremely talented dancer in reality. 
Okay, that\’s all for now. (So sorry if you now have Bollywood songs stuck in your head, too!) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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