No “5 Things” this week

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend in the US! Due to conflicting demands this week, there will be no “5 Things” this week.

However, I want to ask you all to pray for the community of Uvalde, Texas and for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who deal with horrors daily.

I also want to ask you all to pray for the wisdom of America’s leaders as they look for solutions to keep our children safe.

As much as I’d love to say that another gun control law will fix everything, that’s obviously not enough. For a sample, you can look at the gun violence in New Mexico. Felons and people bent on nefarious purposes obtain guns every day without going through legal methods. Many smuggled in from other countries. We have the crime stats to prove it.

So, please pray for better solutions. I’m not naive enough to say that we can prevent every tragedy. I just know that we can do more to keep children safe. Not to mention to combat these people who seem to think that violence against the vulnerable accomplishes something other than to show how big of a coward the perpetrator is. Only cowards hurt others to make a point, to control, to make a bizarre grab at land that isn’t theirs, and to bring grief to families who should have been looking forward to summer vacation.

The truly admirable of this world are the ones who stand up to the cowardly bullies. That’s what, fortunately and unfortunately, this Memorial Day Weekend is all about. I thank all of you servicemen, women, and first responders for standing in the way of bullies.

That being said, have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and stay safe!

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