5 Things: Pirates, Pizza, and Pompeii Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week like the country of Bostwana that has dramatically cut HIV transmission rates to children. They’re talking -1%. It’s amazing!

Well, even if your week hasn’t included such fantastic news, it is Friday! And you know that means it’s also time to check out another “5 Things.” Enjoy!

Thanks to my bro, I spent much of the previous weekend watching Pirate Gold of Adak on Netflix. The Mayor of Adak (a super-cool dude, by the way) is trying to revive the dwindling community by hiring a group of professionals to find a legitimate pirate’s hidden treasure. Two major discoveries of part of this treasure occurred years ago during the island’s heyday as a military base. It’s a cool series that explores history, science, and blowing stuff up. Highly recommended!

Speaking of science, some savvy scientists (gotta love alliteration!) recently managed to sequence the DNA of a 2000-year-old human from Pompeii. It’s a cool discovery (just as cool is this very appropriate and hilarious t-shirt) because they were able to compare this DNA with that of modern-day Italians on the mainland and Sardinia.

This recipe for Zucchini Tortillas from Todd + Diane via Alexandra’s Kitchen (she made them gluten-free) sounds like a winner! I’m envisioning a tomato-based filling. Maybe a meatball and marinara crepe? Yum!

And, for dessert, Blue Bell has a new Oatmeal Cream Pie Ice Cream! After which I go for a very long walk…

Last but not least, a woman in India put a pizza requirement into her marriage contract. Apparently, her new husband’s devotion to the pies pales in comparison by quite a bit. Hopefully, she also had him agree to deal with all spiders and a weekly date night.

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and remember to pray for our friends in Ukraine!

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