Five Things: More than words edition

Happy Friday! It\’s the end of the week (blissfully!) and time for another installment of \”5 Things.\” I hope you\’ll enjoy these tidbits as much as I enjoyed putting them together!

1) This week Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black did an awesome parody of Extreme\’s \”More Than Words\” video. (Fantastic hair extensions, guys!) It\’s so good you should probably watch it twice. 🙂

2) Unfortunately, this week we lost one of the greatest ballerinas to ever hit the stage: Maya Plisetskaya. It\’s the end of an era! Her interpretation of the dying swan sticks out as a major masterpiece. The Guardian had a nice tribute to the ballerina and Inquisitr tried to answer  \”What Made the Russian Ballerina so Special?\”  Also, check out this funny little article from the Daily Mail. (Maya the spy?)

3) Speaking of ballet, I loved WWD\’s sneak peek at the New York City Ballet\’s costumes for La Sylphide. NYCB has such a talented costume department that it\’s definitely worth a look. As is this very cool trailer for the performance that will premier and the company\’s Spring gala. Okay, who wants to go with me?

4) I wanted to share one of my new favorite snacks: Oloves. At first a pouch of olives as a snack was a little odd but these babies are deliciously seasoned. I\’m not even ordinarily a fan of green olives and they were a real treat. (Note: I purchased Oloves on my own as part of the Love With Food box.)

5) I\’d like to hear what makes your mom/grandmother/godmother/mother figure so special! Will you leave a note in the comment section below to celebrate the mom(s) in your life? (So looking forward to reading these!)

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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