5 Things: The boys are back edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had as great a week as we did in the Duke City with actual rain. And not even during the fireworks. Woohoo! I knew I was waiting to wash my car for an excellent reason (and not because I\’d have to sit in line at the car wash). May all your procrastination dreams come true this weekend. And may you enjoy another \”5 Things\”: 

1) On Wednesday, my family and I actually had a sing-a-long session with this song. (And, yes, singing as I type this.) My sis and I still technically have crushes on Howie and Brian… Backstreet Boys crushes are timeless. And is it just me or is AJ channeling the guy from OK Go? (We also enjoyed a little Weezer that\’s just as timeless. Seriously, Muppets make everything better!)

2) I must have been missing college Lit class because I loved this article from the BBC. The theory is that every story (ever) is based upon one of six basic plots. Interesting and most likely true. I\’m trying to come up with one that doesn\’t fit the mold but none yet come to mind.

3) How about some good news? Nine-year-old Lexie has cerebral palsy and still managed to save her brother\’s lifeGotta love a

4) You know you need more muffins in your life! Downstairs in my office building, there\’s a woman who makes incredible muffins. The downside is that I\’m sure they have a load of sugar. Not to mention that a muffin habit could get pretty expensive. Thus, some experimenting began. (You can see the results here.) Per usual I did deviate from the recipe a tad: forgoing the streusel topping and substituting brown sugar Splenda, dark chocolate chips, and applesauce (in lieu of oil). Delish! Given that the applesauce is a great addition, I imagine it\’s easy to make these babies egg-free or even just apple cinnamon.

5) Lastly, here is one of the most interesting job openings I\’ve seen in awhile. I know little to nothing about the WWE, but sort of want to apply anyway. It definitely would be a great conversation starter at parties (especially because folks think I\’m so vanilla

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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