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Surprise! Our friend Asa Rodriguez is back with a special treat and a brand new chapter in the saga of Benjamin Jones.

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Q:  In the story, we see Ben struggle so much with himself, perhaps confused about his own journey and who he is.  What is his greatest fear? 

A:  Ben is a member of an indigenous tribe.  He’s lost his parents mysteriously, and this has brought him a lot of doubt and anger.  And now, not accepted by his own tribe because they think he’s cursed, he’s been taken to the White man’s orphanage.  This 12-year-old boy finds himself rejected, neglected, lacking belief in who he is.  We can say he feels lost.  He secretly fears himself, and what he might become, in this sense.

Q:  Why is Ben so interested in meeting great sages and spiritual gurus, in growing in understanding about other cultures and forms of living, in finding magic beyond his life as simple orphan? 

A:  Well, for that we must go to the beginning.  Since baby he’s been raised by his father, a great shaman, and by his mother, a truly great healer.  So, it all runs in his blood.  His father, we learn later in the book, has certain knowledge and contact with the ancient Sumerian gods/the spiritual realm.  Ben has been chosen to host the soul of a resurrected Sumerian god, but he does not know this.  Throughout his journey he feels and magnifies the connection to the realm of magic and ancient knowledge/wisdom.

Q:  Why does Ben wrestle with the darkness so much throughout the book? 

A:  Well, we’ve already established that he feels rejected, neglected, lost without his parents.  But there is a bigger reason here.  The ancient demigod’s soul he carries, Wolf boy, has been cursed by a necromancer 5000 years ago.  So, Ben feels this curse in him; and this curse connects him to ghouls that follow him, to the Dark Side, and to this necromancer called ‘Lord Furvusmortem.’

Q:  In the start of the book we find out that a spiritual leader visits the orphanage and employs Ben.  Then we discover who he really is, and he takes Ben on a great journey, which is the beginning of the adventure.  Why is Adit Acharya taking Ben on a journey of self-discovery?

A:  Adit Acharya is a spiritual seeker, guru, and spiritual author.  Adit was the good friend of Ben’s father.  And he knows how special Ben is, so he’s trying to help him find himself and discover all that he needs to discover about his parents’ death.  

Q:   What can you tell us about Shadow?  Shadow is a magical, very unusual, creature.

A:  Yes, Shadow is exactly that, a shadow turned to life.  Shadow is Ben’s shadow.  And Shadow is the same as Ben in every way, but he is a baby.  A baby in the sense that Shadow is just learning about his own emotions.  Now that he is a living being he feels joy, sadness, excitement, misery, and all these complex human emotions Ben feels.  And this is why Shadow is needed by Ben’s side because he represents what Ben truly is.  Shadow is a perfect reflection of Ben–spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.  And if you follow the series, then you can see that Shadow is there in each adventure, best friends with Ben.  

You can get your free copy of BENJAMIN JONES: The Call of The Shaman at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble!

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